Tara Saldajeno

I'm a 21yo senior at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I'm majoring in Illustration (Animation concentration). Enjoy browsing my work!

First assignment for my Animation Pre-production class.  We had to make some designs based on an obituary, so here’s the late inventor of Sweet’N Low listening to “Sweet’N Low” the song.  :)

The new semester just started! Here’s some work from my Collage & Assemblage class so far. :)

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albafolgar asked:
wow, how did you do the snow effect?

I overlayed a grainy screenprint texture.  :)

today’s warm-up sketch  :>

(photo-reference x)

I’m trying to learn some new photoshop techniques, so here’s a quick sketch. inspired by The Path game.  :)

some sketches from the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence, Italy that I totally forgot to post. :>  man I wish I had this sketchbook with me this summer so I could get some better scans.

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IT’S HERE! Our CLAMP zine has arrived! 

We have 31 illustrators represented in this book! Check out their work—> 

Andrea MastroeniBridget Gibson, Christina DacanayChristina OClare DeZuttiErica OstrowskiEve EmmaEvyn FongGabby HowitzJennifer BaeJen Phan,Jessica ChenJill KaczakJoshua HeinszJuliana Chen,Kate MacDonald, Katie McDermottKelsey SundayLeonard PengLila MitchellLizzi O’RearLydia SoMeagan Ciongoli,Meaghan StephensonNicole SurmanPauline PhouybanhdytShirley ChanSonia LiaoBoya Sun, SunmiTara Saldajeno 

Copies are still available online at  www.clampzine.storenvy.com

You can also purchase a copy at Otakon at tables  G12 (Sonia and Boya) and V-02 (Gabby and Christina O

For everyone who pre-ordered, copies will be mailed this week!

an otp of your choice in 12 (i say that because i have no idea what any of your otp's are)


let’s get some yumikuri up in here

Here’s my entry for the CLAMP zine “Cluster”!  This was a lot of fun.  :)  Pre-orders available here, $10 + shipping.  It’ll also be available at Otakon!


Hey guys! I’ve be working on a CLAMP zine with some AWESOME people recently! :D <3  If you’re interested in getting one…

PREORDERS HERE: http://clampzine.storenvy.com/

and they cost $10 +SHIPPING

Size: 8.5 X 5.5 in (~ 40 pages)

I also worked with some REALLLY awesome people! 

Alice Tse, Andrea Mastroeni, Angela Zhou, Bekky Shin, Bridget Gibson, Christina Dacanay, Christina O, Clare DeZutti, Erica Ostrowski, Eve Gietka, Evyn Fong, Gabby Howitz, Jennifer Bae, Jen Phan, Jessica Chen, Jill Kaczak, Joshua Heinsz, Juliana Chen, Kate MacDonald, Katie McDermott, Kelsey Sunday, Kim Te, Leonard Peng, Lila Mitchell, Lizzi O’Rear, Anna Rose, Lydia So, Meagan Ciongoli, Meaghan Stephenson, Nicole Surman, Pauline Phouybanhdyt, Shirley Chan, Sonia Liao, Boya Sun, Tara Saldajeno

It’s been fun being a part of this! :>  So many talented artists =w=  Pre-order or get it at Otakon!

meguka in 7! >w<


meguka~  =3=