Tara Saldajeno

I'm a 21yo Junior at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). I'm majoring in Illustration (Animation concentration). Enjoy browsing my work!

Here’s my entry for the CLAMP zine “Cluster”!  This was a lot of fun.  :)  Pre-orders available here, $10 + shipping.  It’ll also be available at Otakon!


Hey guys! I’ve be working on a CLAMP zine with some AWESOME people recently! :D <3  If you’re interested in getting one…

PREORDERS HERE: http://clampzine.storenvy.com/

and they cost $10 +SHIPPING

Size: 8.5 X 5.5 in (~ 40 pages)

I also worked with some REALLLY awesome people! 

Alice Tse, Andrea Mastroeni, Angela Zhou, Bekky Shin, Bridget Gibson, Christina Dacanay, Christina O, Clare DeZutti, Erica Ostrowski, Eve Gietka, Evyn Fong, Gabby Howitz, Jennifer Bae, Jen Phan, Jessica Chen, Jill Kaczak, Joshua Heinsz, Juliana Chen, Kate MacDonald, Katie McDermott, Kelsey Sunday, Kim Te, Leonard Peng, Lila Mitchell, Lizzi O’Rear, Anna Rose, Lydia So, Meagan Ciongoli, Meaghan Stephenson, Nicole Surman, Pauline Phouybanhdyt, Shirley Chan, Sonia Liao, Boya Sun, Tara Saldajeno

It’s been fun being a part of this! :>  So many talented artists =w=  Pre-order or get it at Otakon!

meguka in 7! >w<


meguka~  =3=

a quick fanart for sbj’s “more than human”. gradually getting better at digital!

my final painting for Sumi Ink class! sumi ink on rice paper, 18x24in, 2014.

a quick watercolor study I did last year for a commissioned painting. from photo reference of a little town in Normandy, France.

some quick outdoor sketches of Druid Park from my Sumi Ink class!

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Oh wow! That explains a lot, haha. Thank you, tumblr radar!

Binary Stars (2014)

Collaborative 2D animated short by Tara Saldajeno, Sarah Bushkin, Jordan Jackson, Marc de Leon, and Shari Pryce, in working with the NASA Fermi Group. Sound by Andrew Boudreau. Special thanks to Laurence Arcadias, Robin Corbet, and Estrella Bershof.  0:49-1:16 is the part that I created.

2014. illustrations of the Pinoy folktale “Aponibolinayen and the Sun” for my junior illustration independent project! ink, watercolor, gouache.

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2014, digital. 7 Deadly Sins: Acedia. I interpreted it as the everyday struggles in dealing with mental illness. for my junior illustration class.

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some road trip themed patterns from my junior illustration class! 2014.

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character studies for an assignment for Junior Illustration II

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